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Natural Balanced Equine Dentistry

natural balance equine dental specialist


For the past one hundred years, traditional equine dentistry focused primarily on the theory that eliminating points on molars was necessary to enable a horse to eat better. However, research conducted by Spencer LaFlure, founder of the Advanced Whole Horse Learning Center, actually found the opposite to be true--that horses actually need proper angle on their teeth-- to be able to cut and chew effectively.  Natural Balance Dentistry (NBD) is an advanced form of equine dentistry that will help your horse to chew properly in addition to enhancing his posture, stride length, body mass, top line and movement.  This approach is known as "neuromuscular" Natural Balance Dentistry and has proven to be a groundbreaking advance in equine health care. 

Natural Balance Dentistry is a more anatomically correct and a safer method of dentistry for your horse.  We do not use power tools as they can actually damage the tooth.  We use ergonomically correct hand-held instruments designed and patented by LaFlure.  These precision instruments are more effective for the practitioner and the horse, and also minimize soft tissue damage and discomfort after dentistry.

A whole horse assessment is conducted prior to dental work.  As Certified Natural Balance Specialist, I have been trained to look at your horse from the outside and tell you what is going on with the teeth and body without even looking into the horse's mouth.  We use special, natural horse handling techniques to help keep the horse calm.  The horse is naturally positioned and allowed to put it's head low to the ground during the procedure. Specialists are also trained to work on their knees to follow the feel of the horse, enabling the horse to be in whatever position will make him most comfortable.

Certified Natural Balance Specialists from the Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry Learning Center are required to have over 600 hours of study, research and hands on training.  Our study, approach and practice is based on the most advanced, in-depth research available today.

Kari Mesec, Certified Natural Balance Dental Specialist