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Exam/Consultation:  $75.00

Full Dental Balance:  $175.00

My goal is to properly balance the mouth starting with the incisors and supporting the TMJ for full lateral motion of the molar arcades. A properly balanced mouth will facilitate the enhanced neurological and the proprioceptive function of the horse from head to tail.

Kari's inspiration for becoming a Natural Balance Dental Specialist:  a horse with severe Parrot Mouth.

  • Overall Body Exam
  • Neuromuscular Analysis
  • Confirmation
  • Movement & Stride 
  • Feeding Program to Support Dentistry
  • Senior Horse Assessment‚Äč
  • Herbal Treatments
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Vibration Therapy
  • Wolf Teeth


About Kari

Kari Mesec has had a love and passion for horses since early childhood.  It was love at first sight when her parents bought her a pony when she was just three years old.  Immersed in horsemanship through schooling, competitive riding and instructing, Kari has developed a passion for giving horses the best care nature intended and she has found this through Natural Balance Dentistry.   

Working in a dental office for over 15 years, Kari had developed a solid background in human dental practices and care and has always been very interested in teeth!  It wasn't until she rescued a horse with severe "parrot mouth" that she became driven to find out more about equine dentistry and what she could do to help this horse.  After much research, she found Spencer LaFlure and the Advanced Whole Horse School of Dentistry. She was so fascinated by Spencer's work that she decided to become a Certified Natural Balance Dentistry Specialist so that she could help other people and their horses. To obtain certification, Kari participated in 430 hours of hands on training and education in addition to more than 150 hours of at home research and study.  Additionally, she has recently become a Certified Instructor at the Advanced Whole Horse School of Dentistry.

Kari resides in Pattersonville, New York, just south of Albany, at her "Hitching Post Stable" and travels throughout the Northeast to help horses get a balanced mouth!  Kari has had a successful run at competitive riding and showing and is proud to say that all of the horses she has owned throughout her life were rescued but for one.  She is passionate for helping all horses regardless of breed or background so that they can fully function at optimal performance and as naturally as possible. 

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